Times are changing, and hopefully for the better in terms of our planet. We can no longer deny that we need to make changes for not only ourselves but for future generations to follow. Here are just five ways people just like us are trying to do just that.

Solar Tiles

Created by Elon Musk. Solar roof tiles will be the new face of solar panels in the years to come. Unlike solar panels, which are an eyesore to a home’s architecture, these tiles will provide the same purpose of eco-friendly energy, but they are designed to fit your liking. Most importantly, they are stronger than the panels in terms of structure and longevity.

Living Buildings

If solar tiles aren’t for you, go bare with open space. What could be the benefits of taking this route? You’d be contributing to a self-sufficient habitat that provides not only a roof over your head but carbon dioxide, insulation, and a place to live for some furry friends. New York City could become “The Jungle” instead of “The Concrete Jungle” in the years to come.

Life Straw

Unsafe water consumption is one of the most significant issues in the world today. More than three-quarters of childhood illness stem from inadequate water filtration. People living in inhumane environments are at risk of life-threatening diseases over something that is out of their control.

Life Straw is a human-made filtration process that rids harmful materials from water either for the needs of consumption or sanitary reasons.

Fabric That Is On The Go. Literally

Imagine putting your clothes to work, besides in the washing machine, that is. The concept revolves around the energy we release when we are in movement – kinetic energy. This advancement in science would provide a means of keeping track of our health, such as blood pressure and heart rate, and possibly even more beneficial, these articles of clothing would be able to charge our mobile devices.

Fish Food

It’s undeniable to argue that our marine life is at stake. With more garbage than water in our beaches – we need to make a drastic change. While it’s never ok to litter, biodegradable plastic that is safe for turtles and sharks, and everyone in between can save just as many creatures as the garbage itself destroyed. Because it is biodegradable, they will have a clean and spacious place to call home.