Over the years, companies have realized the damage they have caused through consumption. Current times have shed light on this in regards to the adverse effects it has had on our environment and their images. With intentions to clean up both elements, these six companies have stepped up to start a path of footprints to a greener world.

  1. Google

Google has been an environmentally friendly company for over ten years. Most of this power that is used to supply its major headquarters is green, which has proven to be more beneficial than traditional habits.

Google is the consistent pioneer that is always striving to do best for the world as a whole.

  1. Apple

Apple prides itself on using green energy from start to continuous use of their products – from laptops to watches. Apple also goes out of their way to contribute to the environment by reducing their carbon footprint with biodegradable bags used during purchases, to how they power every store throughout the world.

  1. Intel

Just like Apple, Intel contributes as a leading provider for of computer components. The energy, derived from the ground up is not only produced to assist in the production of products, but it is used to keep their significant headquarters up and to run as well. The end goal for this computer giant? 100% green energy use.

  1. Dell

Like it’s competitors,  Dell also ensures that the majority of their power comes from Mother Earth. The company mostly relies on the energy contributed by wind and sun to do the work of old electric standards. Also, like Apple, they provide products that comply with environmental standards.

  1. Philips Lighting

Philips Lighting is the leading contributor to the lighting industry. Due to their product production, it’s imperative for them to do their best in terms of contributing to a greener, renewable lifestyle by the year 2020. With the purchase of their products, they also encourage their customers to commit to generating them on green energy as well.

  1. Sony

Media giant Sony contributes to society by using renewable energy sources. A little less than forty percent of their energy is green, considering the contribution that they provide for our ears and eyes – this number is pretty substantial. Their primary goal is to have other companies follow in their forest green footsteps.